Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bnarrator ---Your Content Speak

What Company Is Offering:
Bnarrator offers a PLAY button which is added to websites and blogs, so that when a visitor clicks the button, a professional narrator's recording is played reading aloud the content of that page.

This service is offered to the website owner/blogger absolutely free and is sponsored by a brief advertisement message which precedes the narration.

There are numerous forms of Bnarrator players, such as the one suitable for websites of constantly updating content.

Why To Use It

Use for improving the surfing experience in your website by adding human narration.

Make your pages more accessible to elderly visitors and for the visually impaired and increase your traffic.

The narration is preceded and sponsored by a short advertisement. Advertisers consider this an effective media because the ads are played to an attentive audience.

The ad revenue is shared with the website owners and narrators, and part of it goes to organizations helping the visually impaired.

The narration is played through a widget (smart banner) which is easily added to the website's code.

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