Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Expert Village provides thousands of how-to videos by acknowledged experts in a wide variety of fields

What Company Is Offering:
Expert Village provides thousands of how-to videos by acknowledged experts in a wide variety of fields. Their videos are highly focused and Internet-optimized, which means they deal with a specific topic and are generally short compared to traditional broadcast media. Their goal is to provide users with qualified, trustworthy video content, a place on the Internet where you know that what you see is not idle speculation by a random amateur, but rather someone who really knows what they're talking about. They want to provide very targeted how-to content that answers a specific question you have. No one wants to sit through a half-hour broadcast on the history of automobile maintenance when all you need to know is how to change your spark plug. Web searches excel at bringing you exactly and exclusively the information you need, and Expert Village is committed to bringing as many answers as possible to you through video.

How It Works:
To be considered an expert on our site, the person must have either credentials from a legitimate licensing authority, extensive personal experience in the field, or both.To be considered for appearing in an Expert Village video, complete the "A" portion of the form at http://www.expertvillage.com/expertinfo.htm, which is under the "Become an Expert" tab at the top of each page. Our filmmakers will have access to a report showing what experts in which subjects are available in their area. It is up to the filmmaker to decide what experts or subjects he or she wants to make a video about; they cannot guarantee whether or not a given expert will be contacted by a filmmaker. Note that the experts appearing on our site are not Expert Village employees.

More at:http://www.expertvillage.com/

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A.E. Baxter said...

Cool site. They have a particularly good series about financial planning that I found when I started browsing around the site. Thanks for the tip!