Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fellowforce.com is a platform to connect innovators and organizations

What Company Is Offering:
Fellowforce at its core is an Idea platform. Innovation takes place when great ideas are given breath and brought out of the shadows.They welcome your ideas (toss them in the Innovation Box). They encourage you to pitch your best ideas to the companies on their Innovation Challenge Board.
Fellowforce.com is a platform to connect innovators and organizations. A platform for open innovation. Any organization worldwide can run innovation challenges or connect via Fellowforce's Innovation Box with their consumers.
And they're asking that you help them build this innovation community.

How It Works:
You handover the intellectual property rights to the receiving organization when you post a challenge pitch or an innovative idea, thus giving the receiving organization the unrestricted right to use and disclose any of the posted materials. This may sound a bit scary, but is normal practice. As other companies may receive the same ideas or may freely copy unpatented ideas, most companies are unwilling to accept any restrictions on postings, except for claims arising under patents.
In general all postings will be visible on the Fellow Forum, allowing you and other fellows to collaborate (promote, rate and comment). In the event the receiving organization will close the challenge or the innovation box, postings will not be visible in the Fellow Forum. In those cases only the receiving organization can view your postings. It is also possible that the receiving organization takes your posting of the Fellow Forum. This can happen when they find it such a good posting that they do not want to share it with anybody.
The reward money is 100% yours. They do not take any charge or commission from your reward fee.
More at:http://www.fellowforce.com/

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