Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Data is a complete, on-demand business intelligence platform

What Company Is Offering:

Good Data is a complete, on-demand business intelligence platform combining analytics, reporting, data warehousing and data integration. Their service allows you to start analyzing data and sharing your findings immediately, with no up-front costs for hardware and software. Good Data Corporation was founded with the mission to provide a platform for collaborative analytics. They believe that sharing and teamwork allows their users to move past isolated reports and arrive at the true meaning of "business intelligence.

How It Works:

Upload your data to your own private, secure database. Next, tell them about your data to give it a context. They provide an easy to use wizard to guide you. More elaborate ETL tools are also available. Once your data is catalogued and stored, it is ready for optimal analysis and for alignment with existing and future data. In addition, they take care of regular backups so your data will never be lost.

With the Good Data platform, you can dig into your data with no constraints. Get insight into new relationships, dependencies or patterns with visual feedback and interactivity. Our analytical tools always work with the latest data and even the most recent business events are reflected in your results. Analyze as you think and don't be afraid to experiment. Once your analysis is complete, create revealing charts and reports to support your proposed plan of action.

Share your results with your organization. Invite comments, feedback, and expert advice to create a deeper understanding and collaborate with other people to draw the right conclusions. Perhaps your co-worker can use your results to enhance her own research, and can help you with additional insight from a different domain. Good Data encourages teamwork and makes your company's knowledge accessible.

As the volatility of business increases, it is essential to feel the pulse of your organization. Good Data notifies your team of current developments and helps them navigate to relevant information through hints, related keywords and RSS feeds.

More at:http://www.gooddata.com/

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