Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tell Your Story Of Life Through Music

What Company Is Offering:
A JamsBio is a collection of memories and the music associated with them. When you create your JamsBio, you are in essence creating the biography of your life remembered through music.

It's a chronicle of your life experiences - friendships, romances, travel, favorite places and major milestones - that are associated with songs, albums, artists and musical events.

It's not meant to be a list of your favorite songs, although your favorites will likely be included. It's a collection of your memories and the music associated with them. JamsBio is absolutely free! It costs you nothing to sign up, create your own and use all the features on JamsBio.

How It Works:

A JamsBio is a collection of your memories so you create your own JamsBio by sharing individual memories associated with a song.

It's fun, fast, and easy. Simply click on "Share A Memory" in the global navigation header. Then follow these three steps:

1. Find the song that is associated with your memory by using our powerful search tool or by browsing our list of Top 100 Songs by Year

2. Once you've found the song you want, give your memory a title, a date, and write more about that memory. If you have photos related to your memory, you can upload them during this step. Your Photos will display along side your memory on the Memory Detail Page.

3. Preview and publish it to your JamsBio - it's as simple as that.

More at:http://www.jamsbio.com/

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