Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hobnox is a next-generation online entertainment and rich media-publishing platform

What Company Is Offering:
Hobnox is a next-generation online entertainment and rich media-publishing platform, uniting broadcast-quality web media with cutting edge community-enabling technology.

How It Works:

With Hobnox, an international media corporation is born. They combine the best of current web entertainment with the newest technological possibilities of the internet to create fascinating opportunities for both artists and audiences.

Hobnox launched by calling on artists to submit their projects to the "Hobnox Evolution”, an artist-development program that encouraged over 1,300 projects to be submitted for review. Three lucky winners were selected to now become part of the Hobnox creative community. In March 2008, Hobnox will launch the next stage in its development process - a community, stage, library for artists and the first web-based production tools are now online in our closed beta-phase.

Hobnox will evolve to become a content publishing platform that is built by artists for artists. This is the place where artists can present their content to the community, work on creative projects and connect with like-minded artists. Hobnox will be the online platform for the creation and presentation of sophisticated web-entertainment. It will be a meeting point, a stage, a workshop and eventually a marketplace for creative content.

Hobnox-channels feature in-house productions, as well as features from our partners. Through our beta phase, Hobnox will go beyond this content and begin to highlight the best projects and ideas from our community within the channels. Special talents will be assisted and supported by the Hobnox editorial team, responsible for the program content and the quality control of our channels.

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