Friday, May 9, 2008

Make The Difference Network

What Company Is Offering:
Make The Difference Network (MTDN) is an online social network for everyone interested in helping nonprofit organizations and for nonprofits who want to connect with a wider network of giving individuals and businesses.

How It Works:

MTDN works in a number of ways and there are three types of memberships.
• MTDN works by allowing Individuals, Businesses and Nonprofits to connect and collaborate by building their own cause-oriented social network.

• Nonprofits can join as Nonprofit Members. Once they are vetted and accepted as members they can build their nonprofit organization profile and post specific projects or “Wishes” they need funded. They can network with donors who support their cause and expand their potential donor base to increase funding.
They can also alert donors of the progress their Wishes are making through news, emails, photos and even video uploads.

• Individuals can join as Individual Members, then build their personal profile, connect with other like-minded people to build a network of “Friends”, and choose a nonprofit to support or a specific “Wish” to donate to directly. Individuals can also choose to become People Who Care sponsors and fund entire Wishes or their favorite nonprofit in other ways (see more information in FAQ for Individuals).

• Businesses can also join as Business Members in much the same way as an individual. They can even show further support by becoming a Business Who Cares National Sponsor (for more information see FAQ’s section for Businesses).

• Donations are made directly to the nonprofit organization.
AND…100% of ALL donations go directly to the nonprofit! MTDN never takes any percentage of donations made.

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