Friday, May 9, 2008

Serious Business

What Company Is Offering:
Serious Business leverages the core competencies of their world renowned team to create revolutionary new synergies which tap in to blue ocean markets in the social platform mashup internets. Serious Business will forever redefine the way we use the web - even the way we see life itself. The first decade of the internet was fun. This decade is going to be Serious.

Who Is Backing Them:

1.Alex Le is the founder and CTO of Serious Business. I don't know how to put this, but Alex is kind of a big deal. As CTO, Alex solved p=np[1], led the initiative to create the internet, and set them up the bomb. He recently installed Web 2.0® on his Mac and is really enjoying it.

2.Josh Ferguson is a Ruby guru at Serious Business where he is working on the social platform mashup internets. In a past life, Josh was the principle of a celebrity Ruby consultancy. Josh is best known for inventing food (in general) and fathering Matz.

3.Ling is the ultimate executive assistant at Serious Business. Without her, the founders would be dead. She killed both Tupac and Biggie, and went on to shoot 50 Cent nine times. Previously, she was the Chief of Staff in the Bush administration (first term).

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