Friday, May 16, 2008 to check what is going on around the globe quickly and easily

What Company Is Offering: to check what is going on around the globe quickly and easily. You can also submit news or content that you want others to read, share or recommend.

Read, share and promote any news or content from around the globe. you will find the best and most relevant content which is sorted by category and location and based on the fellow readers suggestions.

How It Works:

The mission of is to empowers the individual like you by facilitating a free and advanced platform where you can submit the content from around the globe and also express your thoughts.

At, you can post the content that you would like to share with the fellow readers and the fellow readers can either promote or demote your content. Your content will be sorted and will be served in that order to the fellow readers based on the fellow readers recommendation of the content. If more readers recommend your content, your content will be served to more readers as your content may appear in the first pages or even on the front page.

The content will be presented to the readers location sensitively based on the current readers location. If a reader visits from Boston,MA in USA, then the reader will be presented content from Boston,MA in USA by default. Of-course the reader can choose to read content from a different location. If user logs into an account, then the user will be presented with the content of the chosen account location.

On the content is organized in to categories and users can choose content from a particular category or from all categories. When submitting content, the content should always be submitted into one category and one geographic location.

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