Sunday, May 18, 2008

Remime is email event reminder service

What Company Says:
Remime is a result of an idea that popped in the minds of three people, from two different countries, two of which had never met, but who all shared the same memory bug - they just sucked at remembering dates.

Remime came to life and has a serious obsessive-compulsive urge to collect all your dates.

How It Works:
You can start filling his memory and giving your some free space. Enter your friends' and family birthdays, your weekly duties and every appointment from now on to stop worrying about remembering! Relax your ingenious brain and it will thank you with a clear mind! Kick that stress in the a*#!

Now go get a smile! How so, you ask? Fill in the birth dates of your dear email contacts, of old friends, and watch everyone's pleasant surprise as they get your best wishes on time.

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