Saturday, June 14, 2008

Campaign Monitor

What Company Is Offering:
Campaign Monitor has been built exclusively for web designers to send permission based emails for themselves and their clients. They've packed in only the features you'll actually use, and none of the bloat you won't.

How It Works:
By adding your clients separately into Campaign Monitor you can take advantage of some of the unique features that aren’t available in other email marketing tools.

One of these features is the ability to give each of your clients a separate username and password which they can use to access the results of the campaigns in real time. They can also view reports generated by all the past campaigns you have sent on their behalf, all from your customized online report access.

Simply click on the the list you would like to create a subscribe form for in the Manage Subscribers section, then select the Create a Subscribe Form option in the top right of the page.

Next, copy the supplied HTML code and paste it into the HTML code of the web page you are adding the form to. We've provided a few options for you depending on the formatting you prefer, including basic, CSS and table formatting. You can format the form in any way you like, but you must not change the action of the form or the name of the form elements.

Campaign Monitor features a number of simple subscribe form options you can use to extend the functionality of your subscribe form.

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