Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dexrex is a secure online personal database for IM conversation

What Company Is Offering:
Dexrex is a secure online personal database for IM conversation. With Dexrex you can archive Instant Messages and search through them, share them, and access them at any time from any computer with an internet connection.

Dexrex is about getting more out of instant messaging. They want to give people the tools they need to preserve their memories, understand their relationships, and enrich their social lives. They believe that if they can preserve, illustrate, and facilitate online conversations and relationships, they can make the online world personal again.

How It Works:

For a whole bunch of reasons. Maybe you forgot that phone number from the other day. Or you really want to share the video your friend sent you. Or you’re just looking to save your conversations for posterity. Dexrex makes it easy to do any of these. We’ve also built an analytics suite, so the more messages you save, the more tools you can unlock.

You’ll need the Dexrex Extensions running on your computer in order to archive messages. These are lightweight add-ons that plug-in to your existing IM client and only take 20 seconds to download. Don’t worry — no spyware, adware, or heavy software that will slow down your computer.

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Anonymous said...

I've been using for this for a very long time.

Cristos Lianides-Chin said...

I'm the Evangelist for Dexrex, and I just wanted to clarify a couple of ways that Dexrex is different from Simkl.

The biggest is that Dexrex is free, where simkl charges $3 per screen name per month. Also, simkl requires you to change your proxy settings in all your IM clients. Dexrex, on the other hand, has one easy-to-run extensions package.

But really, people should see what’s out there and just go with the one they like best.