Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free Internet Advertising System Transforms Business Expense Into Additional Profit Center

In a joint statement issued by James Cobb, Stephanie Haile, and Don Hill - co-founders of World Wide Wealth Builders - details of this revolutionary free advertising system were made public today.

“This system enables any business – online or offline – of any type, to have their marketing message seen by real people,” said Cobb. “That’s the biggest problem most businesses have when it comes to internet advertising for their business – finding the most effective way to get their marketing message across to their market, and actually having it seen and acted on. Because of limited funds available for advertising, most businesses have been forced to depend on free advertising methods a great deal.”

“It’s absolutely brilliant,” added Haile. “It not only gets your advertising message in front of real people, but it’s done in a way that actually generates revenue for your business. And that revenue is totally independent of the profits from any additional sales that result from your advertising. The advertising process itself is now profitable, whether you make any additional sales in your business or not.”

Hill added, “In all my years of business experience I’ve never encountered anything like this. It literally transforms a necessary business expense into a very real and profitable additional revenue stream. This system is an unparalleled paradigm shift in not just the advertising world, but in the business world at large. I fully expect this to become the basic model for all business advertising in the foreseeable future. Free advertising is all well and good, but it’s usually not very effective or efficient. Advertising which not only pays for itself, but actually generates a substantial profit, has been totally unheard of – let alone possible - until now.”

It appears the business community at large is in agreement as thousands of business owners are rushing to implement this revolutionary new system - and many are already experiencing notable returns. Dozens of testimonials from excited users of the system continue to pour in weekly, with those numbers rapidly and constantly increasing.

In the course of the past 30 days more than 30,000 additional businesses have adopted this new free advertising system, and a very substantial number are experiencing unprecedented positive results. Projected growth has been estimated to be over 2 million participating businesses by the end of 2008, establishing this phenomenon as far more than just a “flash in the pan,” but a verifiable widespread trend in the business community at large. This is further evidenced by a number of “copy cat” programs which are attempting to emulate this system. It stands to reason that those who act early will realize the greatest benefit from this growing trend.

Move over, free advertising… Advertising that pays is finally here!

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