Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funambol Is Mobile 2.0

What Company Is Offering:
Mobile 2.0 is the next HUGE wave of innovative mobile services and data. Whereas Web 2.0 meant user generated content (wikis, photo sharing), collaboration (social networking) and interactive technology such as AJAX, Mobile 2.0 is ushering in a similar era to wireless, and Funambol is at the forefront.

How It Works:
Funambol offers industry solutions for several types of organizations, including service providers, OEMs, ISVs, and ODMs and enterprises.
Funambol enables service providers to easily offer push email, contacts and calendars for the mass market. Funambol supports the widest variety of mobile handsets, automates over the air provisioning and is highly affordable for consumers. Because the source code is available, it is the ultimate white label solution that can be readily customized to meet each customer's needs.

Funambol provides a wide range of open source and open standards solutions to help OEMs, ISVs and ODMs with their mobile needs. This includes providing software for push email and PIM sync, device management and a platform for mobilizing applications, data and services. OEMs, ISVs and ODMs favor Funambol because the source code is available, making it easier to customize and integrate the software.

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