Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Linkua is a meeting point for people interested in teaching and learning languages

What Company Is Offering:
Linkua is a meeting point for people interested in teaching and learning languages. As a student you find language teachers from all around the world and learn from them from the comfort of your home. As a teacher you'll be able to connect with students and can teach them from home, with total flexibility.

How It Works:

When you are tutored by telephone you learn to hear voice. When you are taught face to face, about 30 percent of what you think you hear are the non-verbal gestures. People who are taught in person will finish a course of study, go to talk with someone on the phone, and freeze because they just lost 30 percent of their communications!
People who are taught on the telephone will do well on the telephone. They will also do great in person, because they get an additional 30 percent in the non-verbal gestures that they were not even accustomed to in normal learning process!

If you have a schedule that is variable, you can schedule learning on an "as you go" basis. You do not need to lock into the same times every week. You can schedule as you go and around the clock. You will always be sure to get a learning time that meets your needs.

You can go home from work, get relaxed and enjoy your learning from your favorite chair. It is a lot more fun taking learning in casual clothes than in dress clothes. If you have a cordless telephone, you can even do learning from your garden while you are enjoying the sunshine!

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