Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OneSpot makes it easy to publish the content it discovers for you and your audience

What Company Is Offering:
OneSpot allows anyone to discover and publish the best Web content for targeted online audiences. The company’s patent-pending Publishing as a Service™ platform provides a fundamentally new and better model for media sites, traditional publishers, business brands and bloggers to leverage third party content that drives site traffic, audience engagement, SEO performance and email response rates.
OneSpot makes it easy to publish the content it discovers for you and your audience.
OneSpot’s breakthrough system finds top stories for a specific topic area by evaluating story linking patterns across the Web, an approach that consistently provides you with the content that is the best and most current for your online audience. This approach also lets you complement your own content without requiring a large existing archive of previously published work.

Unique Features:

* You identify a few trusted sites that reflect the interests of your audience, and OneSpot automatically finds thousands of related sources with similar content, continuously identifying the best articles, stories and posts from among them.
* Top content is displayed to you in an online editor interface, where individual stories can be approved, featured or blocked.
* You specify publishing frequency and how the content will be compiled, with options including a content headlines Web page, a story widget, an HTML email newsletter or RSS feed.
* Content delivered to online audiences includes the article’s headline, a short excerpt of the original article, and a link to the original story or site, giving full credit to the original author and source.
* Every published story receives its own detail page, dense with relevant keywords and phrases, and is assigned a permanent URL optimized for search engine results.
* Each story detail page contains relevant comments from the original content, and encourages further reader participation via discussion and voting features.

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