Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Track your friends with blummi

What Company Is Offering:
Track your friends and get alerted when they are nearby. Discover favorite places
explore what's going on around you and what's recommended by friends. Meet new friends around you or who have the same interests and habits.

How It works:

Share your favorite places ,tell your friends about your favorite places, where you are, what are you doing there and show them photos made with your mobile device.
Follow your friends ,write them private messages, invite them to your events, ask them for an opinion and organize your weekend with them

Use the blummi!com mobile software to combine the power of your mobile phone with the power of blummi!com. They support all MIDP2.0 devices, IPhone, Blackberry, S60, ...

More at:http://www.blummi.com/

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