Wednesday, June 25, 2008 ---People Search

What Company Is Offering: is currently grabbing publicly available messages from the micro-blogging service. They then analyze and categorize each of the users responsible for those messages into the various categories found at By adding these people to specific categories they help you narrow your searching into specific niches where you can find who you are looking for. In addition to Twitter, they're actively working on adding more social media services to broaden your capacity to find people who matter.

Twellow has indexed more than 300,000 users and sorted them into categories like programming, marketing, graphic design, and dozens of others to help you find users who list those characteristics in their Twitter biographies. There are also sub-categories, so within “Programming” you can browse users who list PHP, Ruby on Rails, or another programming skill in their bio. RSS feeds are also offered for each category and sub-category.

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