Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yo Macha----Your Picture Rating And Social Networking Site

What Company Is Offering:
Yo Macha, On this portal, you can put up your picture, let people rate your looks on scale of 10… while that happens, you can rate other people…

It’s macha’s (slang for friend) portal where we take care of your security; no downloads, no save as… they have kept it simple, for easy use. So get rolling, flaunt your score, or get tips and tricks, or work on your looks, all here at

How It Works:

You can upload pictures, rate people, add comments, suggest an accessory, suggest a look, flaunt your score, meet and make new friends and have a fun time on the web.
You can upload a picture directly from your computer. Do not send them photos via email asking them to post it for you.

They keep the safety of pictures and information of their users as priority. No one can save the picture or copy your picture from their portal. They ensure that your personality is not tarnished by ensuring that there is no explicit content on the portal.

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