Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Allvoices is global media destination that provides multiple perspectives around news and events

What Company Is Offering:

Allvoices is global media destination that provides multiple perspectives around news and events. The website content ranges from first hand accounts, local news, global news, blogs, to user generated videos and images. We encourage people to contribute and share from anywhere around the world using cell phones and computers to create news and to participate in existing news by sharing views, articles, images and videos. Allvoices provides the tools to let people on the ground create and break the news and to share their story with the rest of the world. We want the global community to share and have real discussions with the rest of the world. Allvoices makes local news and events global by enabling a global community.

How It Works:

To contribute on allvoices you have to register on the site. The registration process is fairly simple. You can sign up for allvoices by going to the Login page and clicking on the "Click here to register" link. You will be asked to enter some basic information and you will then be able to sign up and start contributing to allvoices. You can also register on the event page itself, by starting to contribute, you will be automatically prompted to register before you start contributing.

Contributions are defined by the following actions - contribution or submission of breaking news (from computer or cell phone), sharing videos, news URLs, images, perspectives, asking a question, answering a question, commenting, user profile, and sharing content with a friend via email or sms. All contributions require you to create an account with allvoices. If you are contributing from a cell phone for the first time, allvoices will accept your submission without registering, but you will later need to register with allvoices.

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