Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Company Is Offering: is pretty much a dating site like many others; they don't aim at a particular niche and it's their goal to bring people together. Not very unique or special, right? Except for one important detail which separates us from every other dating site out there: they donate trees!

How It Works: allows you to signup for a free membership which gives you access to the site. Once you feel our service might be useful to you, you've the possibility to upgrade your free membership to a paid membership. This'll give you access to all of the features our site has to offer to you.

From the moment you upgrade to a paid membership, they'll donate a tree to their partner American Forests for each month you're a paid member of their service. This means you'll indirectly improve the global environment through reforestation, while you're using their dating service at its full potential.

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