Monday, July 14, 2008

SiSense---Shared Business Intelligence

What Company Is Offering:
SiSense offers Prism, which enables immediate deployment and connects to any data source - dynamically. Create dashboards, reports, charts, widgets, presentations, or setup a practical business intelligence practice for a 5-50 person workgroup.

Their vision is simple: today’s enterprise business intelligence is a heavy and expensive project that requires a ton of IT support. Their product, Prism, enables immediate deployment and connects to any data source, dynamically. In doing that, it frees IT from the need to maintain and build data warehouses, OLAP cubes, and refresh reports. It also frees users to use any business intelligence methodology, reports and charts, to bring more common sense and provide them with uncommon insights.

Its product prism is a simple-yet-powerful information analysis tool that allows vast amounts of data to be sliced, diced and analyzed from every possible angle in a super friendly, super interactive way, all through a WYSIWYG interface that puts a big emphasis on instant results, visualization and ad-hoc analysis.

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Thanks. This product is very useful.