Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CityVoter.com is the leading social platform for the insider's scoop

What Company Is Offering:
CityVoter.com is the leading social platform for the insider's scoop. It allows insiders who know a city best to share their insight with information, ratings, and reviews on everyday decisions. By eliminating the guesswork from daily life, CityVoter.com helps people make the best decisions in all aspects of their lives, not just around the big events.

How Much They Got From VCs:

CityVoter.com has closed a second round of funding for $2.6 million. Second round primary investors include Allen & Company and Series A investors Dace Ventures. The company welcomes Curt Viebranz, former CEO of Tacoda, Bradley Wechsler, co-CEO of IMAX, and media investor Vivi Nevo to its advisory board.

This round fuels a period of tremendous progress and growth for CityVoter.com. Its engaging national social platform simultaneously helps innovative media companies like Belo, FOX, Gazette Communications, Hearst- Argyle, McGraw-Hill, and Post-Newsweek engage their local audiences and monetize their websites.

More at:www.CityVoter.com

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