Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SocialMinder Helps You Strengthen Your LinkedIn Relationships

What Company Is Offering:
SocialMinder scans your email headers and maps them to your LinkedIn network.SocialMinder identifies relationships that need strengthening
Get weekly updates identifying top opportunities to build a better network
SocialMinder helps identify recent business news to discuss with each contact, no matter how out of touch you are .SocialMinder never sends emails to your associates - they provide you with tools to manage your network better .

How It Works:

It learns from your previous email patterns, reminds you when losing connection, and gives you relevant news items to send to people in your network to make sure that your relationships are not stale. SocialMinder is not like classic CRM solutions which require the user to enter information about each person in their network (since they get that from LinkedIn) and they also do not need for you to enter every interaction that you have with your contacts (since, SocialMinder gets that from your sent email headers).

More at:http://www.socialminder.com/

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