Thursday, October 16, 2008

BrushVideo---Online Video Editor

What Company Is Offering:
BrushVideo was created because the internet needs a good video editor. They offer a free, fast and quality service. With their editor you can create your very own movies and upload them to YouTube or embed them on your pages.
Simply drag and drop various components onto the timeline and they'll create your movie, ready to be used.

How It Works:
Add a watermark, text or change the sound? All of that and much more is possible on this website, for free. You upload one or more video files, add some audio files, drag animations on top of your videos and add effects. Impress your friends with your very own movies. Click the record button inside the editor: the button with the red circle.
Make sure your webcam is connected to your computer.
A dialog will appear asking you for permission to allow us to access your camera.
These videos, including all other videos you've used, are only stored during your session.Once you have finished creating your movie, the files will be deleted from computer.

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