Wednesday, October 22, 2008

InterviewStudio is the most comprehensive applicant screening tool

What Company Is Offering:
InterviewStudio is a ground breaking new platform that brings speed, efficiency and effectiveness to the hiring manager and job seeker alike.

InterviewStudio is the most comprehensive applicant screening tool on the market, offering an exciting new platform for executive hiring. InterviewStudio combines the newest online recruiting tools into one Web portal, including: candidate profiles, video interviews, online resumes, social networking profiles, professional assessment tests, business references, and data about the candidates from internet search engines.

How It Works:

InterviewStudio, review the candidate's resume, evaluate the results of a nationally recognized assessment test, watch a video taped interview, look for public information on the candidate in Google and identify their social network via LinkedIn, all from the same platform and in a matter of minutes. Based on this broad base of information on the candidate, the hiring manager can quickly determine if the individual may be the right "fit" for their firm and warrant the time and expense of an in person interview.

For job seekers, the InterviewStudio platform offers a candidate the ability to uniquely showcase their complete skills, abilities and talents to a hiring manager and dramatically improve their ability to gain an in person interview.

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Colleen Aylward said...

Thanks for finding us, Ajay. We have just returned from Chicago where we won one of the 5 "Cool New Technology" awards for 2008 at the annual HR Technology Conference at McCormick Place.

We are hoping to save employers at least 3 weeks in the hiring process by adopting tools like InterviewStudio that can cut out the first phone screen and first interview at a minimum. We believe that technology now allows corporations to view much more due diligence about a candidate upfront in the process than ever before, and that candidates are embracing this technology to showcase themselves as they want to be seen.

Thanks again.

Colleen Aylward
CEO and Founder

Ajayprabhu said...

Hello ,Colleen
Thanks for noticing me ...Keep it up..Good work...