Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wisheo For Gifts

What Company Is Offering:
Wisheo is the first website that allows users not only to organize group gifts or setup wishlists, but also to collect contributions directly from friends, family or co-workers participating. Unlike generic wishlists at online shops which require each gift to be purchased by one person, Wisheo is unique in the sense that it enables multiple friends to contribute together to fund big-ticket items on the group gift list, effectively creating a private “gift” fundraiser within the user’s social graph.

How It Works:

Add to your group gift as many items as you wish from thousands of online retailers. If you prefer to create your own special gift, for example a honeymoon trip or a cruise, Wisheo makes it very easy to personalize your gifts!

With Wisheo, you can easily send custom email notifications inviting friends and family to participate. You can also send reminder notifications to late participants who haven't responded to your invitation.
Once they receive your invitation, friends and family will be able to see the details about the group gift you're organizing and easily make their contributions. All contributions go directly from the participants to you via your Paypal account. While your group gift is being funded, you can track its progress and view cool statistics about the participants.

Once each item in your group gift is 100% funded, simply use the money collected to purchase it. Wisheo provides direct links to the online retailers so you can quickly and easily complete your purchase.

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