Friday, November 28, 2008

MIVA is all about helping your business grow through performance marketing services

What Company Is Offering:

MIVA is all about helping your business grow through performance marketing services. From setting up storefronts to delivering customers to your website, MIVA can help in multiple ways. To achieve these objectives, we have established three main divisions, each complementing the other and each offering their own unique products and services:

MIVA Direct helps businesses develop direct relationships with users through private-branded consumer desktop software supported by robust underlying contextual and search technologies.

They offer popular consumer desktop software tailored to the needs of specific audiences, customized with a partner brand and buttons. Consumer software options include a search toolbar with ad-blocker and custom links tailored to site content, rich messaging capabilities via RSS and XML, and custom integrations with additional features such as weather, finance and communications. Desktop software can link to a site's most active and engaging content. For example, this could include a popular sports icon that resides on the desktop which offers instant information and quick access to a fantasy football league, or a stock ticker that provides immediate market updates. Partners can earn additional revenue, extend their brand beyond the traditional web site, and interact with their consumers in new ways. Users benefit from a better, more interactive experience with their favorite online or offline brand.

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