Friday, November 28, 2008

WikiPik is the place where consumers and professionals alike connect and exchange opinions and data

What Company Is Offering:
wiki" means it's collaborative, and "pik" stands for three things: "pick" as in "pick the best", "peak" meaning "top" or "best", and "PIK" = "Payment In Kind" which stands for WikiPik's reward point system . WikiPik is also a word that is easy to pronouce in just about any language, emphasizing WikiPik's global reach..
WikiPik is the place to make lightning fast educated decisions. WikiPik is the place where consumers and professionals alike connect and exchange opinions and data on products, services, places, people, you name it. WikiPik is truly international, multilingual, ad free and open licensed, that means it's free information forever.

How Is It Different:

Meaningful, Bias Compensated Rankings WikiPik uses a novel ranking algorithm, to display information in the order that is relevant to you. DeltaRank™ is different in that it can compensate for bias in users ratings, by basing its scoring on how contributors perceive quality differences between items rather than just averaging uncorrelated opinions.

Customizable Grid Views WikiPik's powerful grid-based ranking/sorting/filtering interface allows you to quickly manipulate information and identify the item that is best for you. No more sifting through pages and pages of review text to tediously extract the information you need. WikiPik finally has it all at your fingertips!
Performance Database Beyond subjective opinions on quality aspects, users can also share own physical performance measurements, such as such as battery life or power consumption, in a plethora of quantities and units, and convert them between US and metric. Such way you can use WikiPik as a collaborative research database, go beyond whitewashed manufacturer's specs and get your hands on real world data.

Open Structure WikiPik allows you not only contribute content, but also collaborate on how this content is represented and organized. If something is not in the database yet, simply add it! Create new items, categories, rating criteria, technical specs whenever you need them and build WikiPik right then and there.

Open License All contributed content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. So anything you contribute to WikiPik stays free information available to mankind forever, and can be re-distributed and altered by anyone, free of charge, even for commercial purposes, under the terms of this license.

Ad Free Consistent with the vow to strict neutrality and trust, WikiPik is a 100% ad-free web site. WikiPik puts mission first and money second so we can all enjoy a truly informational experience.

Multilingual Having a name that is easy to pronounce in just about any language, and a multilingual interface & database, WikiPik makes it easy for anyone from any culture to contribute.

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