Thursday, December 4, 2008 --Tagging As A Way To Advertise

What Company Is Offering: is a project that aims to put to the test in its simplest form the viability of tagging as a way to advertise, by presenting a tag cloud formed by tags added by people who try to promote a particular site or page.
This is done by offering a web page where anyone can book a particular tag that will later be displayed in the main tag cloud at the page, as well as allowing web site owners to add their tag - for free of course - by syndicating a small tag cloud at their pages.

How It Works:
When you book a tag, you have two options: 1.Book a tag that only you can use it (exclusive tags) 2.Book a shared tag.

Exclusive tags are tags that once booked, nobody else can use them. The tag must have not been booked before, of course. Also, when someone books an exclusive tag, the user booking it decides the size (weight) of the tag: the bigger the font size, the more it costs.

Because this goes against the way tags are normally used, not only we discourage users to book exclusive tags by pricing them quite higher than shared tags, but also we won't allow more than 50 exclusive tags. That is, once 50 exclusive tags have been booked, no more will be allowed.

Shared tags are the way to go. Anyone can book a shared tag even if someone else has already share-booked it. Then, when someone clicks on a shared tag, a list of the sites that booked that tag will be presented in no particular order.

The beauty of shared tags is that, just like regular tag clouds, the more people book them, the more weight (font size) they will have in the tag cloud. So if you happen to book a heavily booked tag, your site will appear in a longer list of sites, but your tag will also be much more visible in the tag cloud.

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