Thursday, December 4, 2008

IMVOCAL--To make phone to PC calling for free

What Company Is Offering:
IMVOCAL tracking the miles - Bridging the communication gap. IMVOCAL; a company committed to being on the leading edge of communication. This tool is to keep people connected all the time irrespective of their location. IMVOCAL was conceived, to fill the need of people to make phone to PC calling for free.

How It Works:

They gave you a global VOCAL ID number which can be shared with your contacts and accessed using the Toll Free access number. No identity hijacks. IMVOCAL allows any user on a phone or mobile to dial into an internet user without the need to download anything. It's simple and easy to use with voice as clear and close to toll quality.
IMVOCAL brings people from different walks of life, generations and miles together.

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