Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ArmchairGM aims to be the ultimate community of sports fans --Sportswiki

What Company Is Offering:
ArmchairGM aims to be the ultimate community of sports fans -- a place where fans of games ranging from baseball and football to auto racing and mixed martial arts can congregate around a common theme: Fans rule. They're using MediaWiki -- the same software as Wikipedia -- because they believe in open doors. Any fan should be able to participate, and at ArmchairGM, any and all sports fans are welcome to join the community.

How It Works:

Any sports fan can add stuff for other sports fans to read, watch, and enjoy.Its sports encyclopedia has articles dealing with mainstream American sports and players but expands to more esoteric endeavors such as Japanese baseball (see, for example, all-star Kosuke Fukudome's entry) and snooker players like Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Unlike Wikipedia, though, the encyclopedia is built with sports fans in mind. Fans can embed flash videos such as YouTube clips into pages and build virtual multimedia directories. Encyclopedia entries have links to opinion content written on ArmchairGM, giving fans not just the facts, but also the red meat that sports fans crave.

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