Wednesday, December 10, 2008 ---Ordering on-line

What Company Is Offering: wants to make interacting with restaurants as convenient and natural as the on-line banking or shopping you've gotten accustomed to. Ordering on-line - especially using Buddy Orders to order with a group of friends or colleagues - is easy, quick and more relaxing that doing it by phone using a paper take-out menu.

If you're a restaurant owner or manager, they have a short video to get you into the mood. As the racing in your heart subsides, you can sign up to begin getting orders right here. If you're a customer and your favorite restaurants are, sadly, not yet listed with a live menu, let them know and they'll get the restaurant into their network. It's just one of those "everybody wins" situations.

Bite2Eat is simply a way to meet new customers and make ordering simple for existing ones. They just take a small commission for bringing them the business (it's free to you, of course, and costs them nothing to sign up). They get new, unintimidating and non-intrusive technology that sends the orders over to them using whatever method they prefer - phone, fax or computer.

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Earl said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Ordering food online is a really natural thing for me (I do everything ESLE online) and I'm glad the industry is growing. This site has a really nice design. I hope they can come up with enough unique features to succeed.