Friday, December 19, 2008 is transforming the concept of online buying and selling

What Company Is Offering: is transforming the concept of online buying and selling. brings buyers and sellers together in a local online market for the purpose of conducting safe, shipping-free transactions. was specifically created to address the challenges produced in the online sale and purchase of items that are expensive and difficult to ship such as furniture, appliances, used vehicles such as cars, boats and bicycles; it is also ideal for shoppers that prefer to examine an item in person in addition to viewing it online.

How Is It Different:

Cozybug offers buyers and sellers numerous advantages over traditional print classifieds including interactivity, detailed descriptions, and the ability to publish and view photos, and are much less expensive to post. In addition, sellers with many items to sell can create thier own personal storefront, and have the option to advertise their storefronts throughout the site, an ideal feature for antique stores, second-hand furniture stores, or flea market vendors.

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