Friday, December 19, 2008

ClusterShot--Sell & Buy Photos As You Want

What Company Is Offering:
On ClusterShot, you can sell your photos or buy other people’s photos. It is kind of like that popular online auction site, but just for photos. ClusterShot is a free-for-all site that allows anyone to sell their photos and allows anyone to buy them. They don’t screen for image quality, focus, size, etc. You can post as many crappy photos of your dog as you like. Why wouldn’t you? Someone might buy one.

ClusterShot is way of making the sale of a photo as simple as possible. They are not a traditional stock agency. You decide what you want to sell through either this website or through your own. They’ll take care of the complicated parts.

ClusterShot is free to use — you pick your price for the photos you want to sell and they will take a very small 12% administrative fee.

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