Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Foodista ---FoodWiki

What Company Is Offering:
Foodista allows members of the community to edit 2,000 recipes, add comments to those recipes, upload photos of foods and discover various cooking techniques and tools. This all happens on a wiki where content -- including specific ingredients -- can be added or removed.
Foodista is working with food bloggers and culinary schools to get them engaged with the site. It plans to offer a widget that food bloggers can embed in their sites (inspired by Urbanspoon's Spoonback program), while the culinary students will be encouraged to upload various foods or recipes not already in the system. It also plans to offer a leaderboard where contributors are classified as "dishwashers," "sous chefs" or other titles, while contributors also can track their specific edits and recipe additions on a personal profile page.

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