Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Referral Key ---Exchange Business Referral

What Company Is Offering:
Referral Key is an on-line referral management system. It supports your referral marketing activities in one place, with minimal effort and maximum results.

How It Works:

An associates must first "accept" your invitation before you can send them a referral lead. You can determine the status of an invitation by selecting "My Referral Associates". Under each associates name it will indicate their status. If the status is "invited", the associate has not yet accepted your invitation. If the status is "declined" the associate has declined your offer to exchange referrals.

Associates receive a personalized email invitation from you asking them if they would like to accept your invitation to exchange referrals with you. Since many of the people you send invitations to know and trust you, there is a strong likelihood they will accept your invitations. The invitation sends a clear message that you are serious about exchanging referrals with your associate, and that help strengthen and solidify your bond with them. Once a referral associate accepts your invitation to exchange referrals, they are walked through a brief overview and are able to exchange referrals with you in just minutes. When the opportunity arises to refer business, the user simply logs on, includes a brief note about the referral, provides the referrals contact information, and Referral Key takes care of the rest by emailing the contact information of the person being referred and logging the referral in both the sender's and recipient's account. The result is a web-enabled closed loop where you now have a timely, qualified lead from a trusted associate and a much higher probability of converting these leads into actual revenue. Every step, from initiating a referral to following up is automatically tracked with its service.

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