Monday, December 29, 2008

Lightspeed Audio Labs --Create audio content online in real-time

What Company Is Offering:

Lightspeed Audio Labs is built on the idea of creative collaboration where music, the Internet and social networking converge to allow musicians and enthusiasts to create audio content online in real-time. Unlike sites that allow users to “post and listen” to audio content, our innovative technology platform enables real-time music collaboration and creation, linking musically oriented communities of interest.

Whether you're a classicly trained musician seeking new music, a band in need of a virtual studio to jam, or a music fan in search of something live and unique Lightspeed Audio Labs is the place for you. Providing a rich user experience without requiring specialized software and hardware, Lightspeed Audio Labs leverages its own novel intellectual property to deliver low latency, digital-quality audio in a platform, which enables artists and fans to produce, archive, promote, perform, search for and monetize all types of music and content.

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