Tuesday, December 23, 2008

MobiQuest’s Mobile Instant Messaging (MQIM) with innovative conference chat

What Company Is Offering:
MobiQuest is provider of innovative mobile products and services based out of Singapore. MobiQuest helps service providers and enterprises develop mobile applications from concept to successful launch on handsets in all major markets. Mobiquest Provides full suite of mobile application services to its customer so that they can focus on their businesses: Custom Mobile Application Development, Application Porting & Localization and Application & handset testing.

New Updates:

MobiQuest, provider of innovative mobile applications, announced today that it has released next generation version of MQIM.

The newly added conference chat feature allows user to conference with users from any of the public IM. The innovative feature would enable users to maintain their existing accounts and still be able to talk to users of any other public IM. The conference chat can have users of MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk or AOL into the same conference. This is the first such Cross IM Conference chat available.

MQIM enables users with AOL, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger accounts to chat in one interface on Mobile Phone without having to download or install any application on their mobile.

How Is Market Of That Kind Of Product:

According to research firm, The Radicati Group, the number of public IM accounts worldwide is 993 million and the market will reach an estimated 1.5 billion accounts by 2011. Furthermore, research analysts at Informa estimate the global market for mobile instant messaging will become an $11 billion (€7.4bn) industry by 2011.

More at:www.mobiquest.net

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