Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wozad---Monetize Your Web Assets

What Company Is Offering:

Wozad offers an alternative to the contextual programs, amongst which Google Adsense is the most popular. Wozad makes difference for Publishers because revenues will not be tied anymore to their website pages content, Ads will be totally out-of-context and targeted on visitors real life interests by looking at their previous browsing history.

Wozad technology use user's browser history against a database of urls and searches. The database is populated and updated on a daily basis by system, it contains the top results of the best search engines for each keyword targeted by advertisers.

Targeted ads perform better out of context, and delivers up to 20% higher conversion rate. If you are interested in cars and you are visiting a cars website, you pay attention to the website content, and cars Ads blend in.

When you see the same cars Ads in a sports website, out of context, you pay more attention. Provide your visitors with ads tailored to what they really like
and earn money everytime they click on them.

Maximize your revenues while increasing your traffic and keeping
costs under control: pay only when your ads are clicked.

How Is It Different:

Behavioral targeting is a technique used to create and execute marketing strategies geared to attract internet individuals whose recent internet usage indicates their interest for a particular product or service.It involves an analysis of the internet users online activities.

More at:http://www.wozad.com/

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