Friday, December 5, 2008

PureWave Networks, Inc has secured $12 million

What Company Is Offering:
PureWave, a Silicon Valley Company, is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance adaptive beamforming 4G base-stations currently supporting standard WiMAX devices, enabling delivery of quadruple-play services (Voice, Video, Data, Mobile). PureWave Networks’ PureMax technology is a multi-beamforming approach that delivers significantly higher capacity and coverage than the competition. PureWave Networks employs a software-defined radio approach which assures that systems built for today’s world can be easily upgradeable in the future.

How Much They Got From VCs:

PureWave Networks, Inc., an innovative provider of advanced, cost-effective 4G wireless base stations, announced that it has secured $12 million in Series B funding. Two new venture funds – ATA Ventures and Leapfrog Ventures - have joined PureWave’s existing investors, which include Allegis Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures, in successfully completing the funding round. The Series B funding will allow PureWave to commercially introduce its advance beam forming WiMAX base stations in North America, the APAC region and other selected markets and to expand its operations.

”PureWave’s strong balance sheet in this challenging economic environment, together with our leading edge product offering, will be the foundation of our future growth," said Gideon Ben-Efraim, PureWave’s CEO and Chairman. “WiMAX and LTE infrastructure are the big growth opportunity in the mobile infrastructure market today and we are positioning the company to be a major player in this space.”

PureWave’s goal is to transform the economics of WiMAX and LTE, through a combination of advanced technology, an innovative product offering and the most cost-effective products available on the market. PureWave offers small form-factor WiMAX base stations, which combine the power, performance and sophisticated features of a traditional macro base station, with the small footprint and competitive pricing of pico base stations.

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