Friday, December 5, 2008

Spific---Stop Searching And Start Finding

What Company Is Offering:
With Spific you will receive quality results every time so that you can stop searching and start finding.

With Spific you can search the entire internet directly from their homepage or select a specific category. Each search focuses on a specific topic and will guide you to the highest quality results by allowing you to refine your results by date, site, and category.

For example after searching the entire internet for the keyword "Olympics" you can then select a refinement such as "Blogs", to find Bloggers currently writing about the Olympics, "Forums", to find active discussions that you can join, "Videos", to view Olympics related videos, or "Stores", to find online stores offering Olympics related merchandise . Refinements appear as blue underlined text located directly above the search results, selecting one will refine your search and provide more relevant results.

Unique Features:

Uses Google's search algorithm—Even Spific’s specialty searches provide results generated by the most effective search provider online.
Advanced features are easily accessible—A single click is all that is necessary to refine search results by date, category and site.
Improved Internet Search—Display results from the entire web or show only those from blogs, forums, online stores, or video websites.
Individual labeling of thousands of sites—Allowing highly efficient filtering of search results.
Quality results—Searches focus on those websites that provide superior design and content allowing users access to the best the online world has to offer.

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