Monday, December 22, 2008

Telonu is a online community about the really important stuff

What Company Is Offering:
Telonu is a cool, powerful, rock-your-world online community where you can tell one and all about the really important stuff. Read and write 'Tells' (reviews) on your office, your school, the people there and everything else. You can post 'tells' in several ways: anonymously, with a nickname, or under your user name (first name, last initial). You can also mingle with other 'Tellers' and ask questions about organizations and people that you need to know about.

How It Works:

Telonu helps you critique, rate and research the workplace (companies, nonprofits and government organizations, from tiny startups to multinational conglomerates, and all the people who work there, as well as what we call 'eduplace' (universities, high schools, professors, classes). And because it's not all about work, Telonu is also an easy place to toast, boast and roast celebrities, athletes and politicians.

Unique Features:

Praise or bury your company or school.
Add and prop up companies, schools and people for other Telonu members' comments and opinions.
Follow anything or anyone in real time.
Mingle with old friends and make new ones.
Use the Ask section to quiz the Telonu community about anything .

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Anonymous said...

Like the idea -- I have always wondered why there are 1000s of sites to review books and movoes and non to ell me if I should work for a compny xyz and manager abc or not -- is this from the LinkedIn team?