Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Countdown to the Closing Bell

About Alpha Theory
Alpha Theory, the investment industry’s leading Fundamental Portfolio Optimization tool, is the premier solution used by hedge and mutual fund portfolio managers to develop an efficient portfolio using the concept of risk-adjusted return. Alpha Theory leverages research and instinct to build a repeatable system for optimally sizing positions.

Recently In News:
Alpha Theory Founder and CEO, Cameron Hight, was recently featured on Fox Business News’ “Countdown to the Closing Bell.” Mr. Hight discussed an article he authored called “8 Mistakes that Money Managers Make.” The response to the article has been tremendous because every investor has fallen victim to at least one of these mistakes.
The 8 Mistakes:
1. Confidence Bias
2. Good Stock Paradox
3. Value Trap
4. Risk/Reward
5. Dealing with Losers
6. ETF Hedge
7. Best Idea
8. Position Overload

“Of the many firms that we have worked with in the past, there is not a single one that has been immune to all of these mistakes,” said Cameron Hight, Founder of Alpha Theory. “All firms can benefit from reading the “8 Mistakes” article and evaluating if they are exposed to any of these performance-draining issues.”

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