Thursday, January 15, 2009

Swift is a free mobile site creation tool

What Company Is Offering:
Swift is a free mobile site creation tool that allows you to create a website that works on any mobile phone in just minutes. Swift is the first product to allow professional-grade mobile site creation with a self-service Web-based tool.Extend existing content to the mobile world, including news feeds, blog posts, photos and much more. Or create a custom site to get your message out, extend your brand or share with your friends.

How It Works:
With Swift, you can be as creative as you want to be. Extend your blog or journal into the mobile world, organize an event, capture data, disseminate information... the possibilities are endless! You can edit and update your site as often as you want. You can do all this without knowing a lick of HTML code. No downloading of software is necessary to view a Swift site; your visitors will be able to access your site from any mobile phone browser. Plus, Swift is fully hosted and backed by the expertise of 2ergo. And it's free?

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