Saturday, January 17, 2009

GoSquared---Online Advertising Tool

What Company Is Offering:
GoSquared makes it easy, fast, and affordable to get seen online. A Square is 19,600 pixels of advertising space shown across a growing number of popular Sites.

How It Works:

It's easy to start tracking your SIte with GoSquared. Just type in your URL, give it a name, description and a few keywords, and you're ready to go. GoSquared provides a small snippet of code to paste into your website, which contains a unique key. This means you can get advanced feedback on who visits your website, and directly corresponds to your Site's GoSquared Reputation.

You can choose to show certain elements of data with the rest of the World. Advertisers want to know as much as possible about a Site before they close a deal. With honest, transparent data tracking from GoSquared, your chance of gaining new advertising deals has never looked so good.

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