Friday, January 16, 2009

Gootodo is a Web-based todo list

What Company Is Offering:
Gootodo is a Web-based todo list that can radically boost your productivity. It lets you forward e-mails to future days, so you don't have to deal with them today.

How It Works:

1. Each todo is associated with a particular day.

If you don't need to finish a todo today, redate it to a future day, so that it doesn't clutter your todo list today. (This is a paradigm shift from Outlook's task list, where every todo from now into the ages is shown, incredibly, on today's list!)

Here's something you don't generally hear in discussions about productivity: it's good to procrastinate. In Gootodo, you should move todos as far in the future as possible (remember, "let the bits go"). This way, today's list is filtered to the fewest, and most important, todos.

2. Each todo has a ranking within its day.

For example, in today's todo list (see first image below), you can use the arrow buttons to re-order the todos so that the highest-priority item is always on top.

A good exercise at 9:00 a.m. every morning is to filter the todos for today: redating non-critical todos into future days, and sorting today's todos from most to least important. You then have an ordered list of everything you need to get done today - and you always know what you should be working on at any moment: the todo on top!

3. Any e-mail program can create new todos - for today or a day in the future.

This is perhaps the most important advance that Gootodo offers over any other productivity tool. Easy example: if you're in a meeting with your Blackberry and think of a new todo, just e-mail today's todo list address. Gootodo reads the e-mail and creates a new todo: the subject line of the e-mail becomes the summary, and the body of the e-mail becomes the detail.

Another example: If you e-mail someone a question, just BCC the Gootodo address (for today or in the future), which will create a todo item, on the correct day, reminding you to follow up with that person to make sure you got a response.

Linking your e-mail - whether Outlook, Gmail, Blackberry, or any other mailer - to your todo list and a calendar allows for a significant jump in productivity. I personally use this feature all the time, every day.

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