Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interacto is an e-mail(video) marketing

What Company Is Offering:
Interacto is an online, user-friendly solution for contact management (CRM), e-mail marketing, video e-mail, video streaming and SMS.

How It Works:

Users have the possibility to effectively manage their contacts, exchange data with other applications, set out actions to other users, manage files and add categorized messages.

In just a few steps a professional mailing can be made and sent. For each sent mailing contact extensive statistics will be available. Increase the response to mailings by using Video e-mail. Interacto converts video’s online to a Flash file after which these can instantly be used in e-mail campaigns and/or on websites.

Interacto uses a pricing plan based on the amount of contacts an account can manage and uses a 1 year contract term. All accounts can send free and unlimited mailings to your contacts. For the use of Video and SMS services the user can purchase credits in the application.

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