Thursday, January 29, 2009

Odiogo converts dynamic web pages into high-quality audio files

What Company Is Offering:

Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How It Works:

Odiogo converts dynamic web pages into high-quality audio files.Odiogo uses sophisticated algorithms to filter-out the non-content item (links, legends, ads, etc.) of your web pages. This "cleaned" content is then processed by advanced text-to-speech technology to produce nearly human quality audio output. The files Odiogo produces can be easily uploaded into an iPod/MP3 player, listened to on a mobile phone or played on a PC or Mac.
With Odiogo, your content is no longer limited to screen or printed output. iPod/Mp3 owners can subscribe to your Odiogo-enabled feeds and get the audible version of your content uploaded automatically every time they synchronize their device. You can promote your content on the ever-increasing multitude of podcast directories.

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Roy Lindemann said...

You can also try webReader at

webReader is a service that you can add to your web page and let the visitors listen to it. It is a button that when clicked will read the entire page or a pre-defined part of the content that you determine.

The button is simple to add. Just use a ready-made plugin for Blogger/Blogspot, TypePad, WordPress, Joomla, Ning and more to come or add the small piece of HTML code (a script and a link) that you get from webReader.

The visitors to your web site or blog can then access for free the audio version of your content and they don’t need to download any software or plug-in to do so. This means that they can access your talking content from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

webReader speech-enables in US and UK English, French and Swedish and will be adding more languages in next coming weeks.