Saturday, January 10, 2009

MeetingWave is a free business and social networking tool

What Company Is Offering:
MeetingWave is a free business and social networking tool that helps you connect offline with people you want to meet in the places you will be-- whether traveling or near home or work.

How It Works:

MeetingWave focuses on developing your business and social networks through face-to-face meetings. Whether you would like to make contacts where you work or live, or even while you are traveling, can bring you together with the people you want to meet.
Whether you’re looking for your next client, sales leads, investors, beta testers, team members, a new job, professional connections or new friends, try posting an invite to meet new people. It’s free! gives you the tools so that you decide who can attend your networking meetings-- even when your meetings are open to new people!

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On the flip side, you can browse invites posted by others on and accept proposed meetings that interest you. If the meeting organizer approves your acceptance, you may attend!

With, meetings can be arranged for purposes of social networking, business networking, sharing common interests, or any other purpose. will be a valuable resource to you, whether you are striving to further your professional or business goals or are simply interested in meeting new people or making new friends. Use to:

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